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Welcome to IndieMusicCorner.com, This site was quicly rebuilt after Rock.com decided to drop the Indie bands involved. We are rebuilding this site and the bigger Musicgroups Network. To gain the revenue required we have developed this special package::

Our all new promotional EPK system (Electronic Press Kit)

This package includes:
Private band pages within our network
A locked banner ad on musicgroups.com
Distribution package
Featured placements on a number of sites
Listing in Yearning.com and Musicgroups.com Directories
Play in our radio systems and Jukebox
Managment advice from our staff

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Archive: Fall 2005 - Winter 2006

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Chealsea Doll Going Down International Businessmen
Chelsea Doll
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Eliza's Playground Lyzanxia Veil of Thorns
Eliza's Playground
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Ominous vocals over heavy melodic guitar playing make this dark, brooding song an impressive example of what Peter Criss and Montague can accomplish when they collaborate. Co-written with the Catman. Say hello to Marti Dodson and her defiant anthem Girl Next Door that stands up for women the world over. Moving up Contemporary Hit Radio charts. Los Angeles’s premiere power trio is set to explode. Blues-based Hard Classic Rock.


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Sum Thin Ugly Field of Grey Spoilsport
Sum Thin Ugly
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El 84 Grizzly Online Sam Morrison Band
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The Vue ghengus 23 Vesta