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  Sassy Kraimspri
 This is Hot and Dirty rock and roll. Feel the rumble in your belly, so melodic it won\'t get out of yr head.
Last Updated: 3rd September 2009
Sassy Kraimspri - Sassy Kraimspri
Photo By:Tresna Gillies
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Sassy Kraimspri's musical influence was grounded in her formative years with early eighties pop S. Wonder and Michael Jackson blended with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, later developing into The Police and The Bangles, and finally Madonna. She dabbled in Swedish pop-rock (Roxette) and some long-haired baladry (Mr. Big) before Rock and Roll took over and she discovered black eye-liner. At 12; New York's punk district on the lower East side, the countless vintage dresses at still-cheap thrift stores and Nirvana were her preference. This developed over the years into a wide appreciation for various forms of rock, as well as an intense admiration for the early jazz musicians Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong and old school punk rock ethos. These days, the only music she doesn't like is anything written with the intent of making money purely for its inanity. Interesting pop, rock, hip hop, heavy metal, punk, jazz and blues, as well as classical composers, all pepper her musical world, and this shows in her music. Although mainly grounded in rock, her focus is always on creating an interesting sound picture. She has a love of guitars: very heavy or stripped back, fat bass and a beat. This bodes well for her future, but for now, let\'s call it Boner Rock. Guy or Lady, this is guaranteed to make something stand at attention.
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