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Last Updated: 3rd September 2009
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Armed with soulful grooves and revolutionary rock, Salieri is focused on redefining the local music scene as we know it today. With influences ranging from Boston favorite Morphine to the Stones and Parliament Funkadelic, the Salieri sound is a fresh fusion of rock, R&B, and pop that will keep you groovin' for hours on end. The production of New England presence Billy Shaw of SoundDesign Studios, and a new music video, airplay spreading from the Cape to Boston, and a crazed, energy packed live show, Salieri is turning heads. Based out of southern Mass, Salieri's mission is to spread their positive and uplifting message to the masses and bring groove back to the scene. With their smooth style and power packed live performances, Salieri is a band you don't can't afford to miss.
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