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Last Updated: 3rd September 2009
lyzanxia - Lyzanxia studio
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In Studio Fredman Goetborg
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To understand why renowned Canadian magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles calls LYZANXIA the "possessors of quite possibly the best thrash riffs in the business" and why in April 2004, the readers of the legendary German magazine Rock Hard have voted LYZANXIA the "best newcomer of the year 2004", you just have to immerse yourself in the obsessive world created by the French musicians, in which beauty and terror intertwine, crafted by an incomparable technique and a brutal yet melodic approach. Fans and media alike are embracing this phenomenon and as American magazine Explicitly Intense declares: "LYZANXIA has released their American debut and will soon be the standard of measure for every metal band here after." LYZANXIA's music is all about diversity and creativity based on an astonishingly energetic, aggressive and melodic style boasting the incredible chemistry of two vocalists-guitarists (David Potvin - lead and Franck Potvin - rhythm).
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