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 Dutch PopRock new EP out now, great melodics great songs!
Last Updated: 3rd September 2009
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The bearskin of Grizzly, the Dutch pop/rock band from Haarlem, is very soft, though its claws can strike hard too. If you think of Grizzly, you think of dynamic compositions and catchy refrains which are at times modest or pounding and energetic, but fascinating again and again. When Grizzly records their first three songs during a live-performance at the end of 2002, the crowd, as well as the press react very excited. The music magazine Live XS speaks highly of Grizzly\'s excellent compositions and fascinating refrains. Music-halls and festivals are very fond of Grizzly also and the band is often invited to come and play there. That\'s where Grizzly plays as a support act of bands like 16Down. 2004 is the year of the recordings of Grizzly\'s debut EP, which is released in the beginning of 2005 in het Patronaat. This gig is also the start of their upcoming Orange-05 tour.
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